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Restore Training

The inaugural pilot RESTORE Training Program was held from March – September 2023 and produced 12 highly skilled leaders to work with ideologically motivated individuals.

The RESTORE project aims to connect powerful and trusted community leaders—social workers, school counselors, healthcare professionals, faith leaders, therapists, teachers, and others—with evidence-based tools and methodologies for working with ideologically-motivated members of your communities. We believe local leaders have a crucial role to play in the work of supporting individuals to decide to reject hate, to abandon violence, to embrace new ways of thinking and acting; and ultimately, to prevent violent extremism in our communities.

Violent extremism is a growing concern in the US. Responding to violent extremism requires a “whole of society” approach calling on many different professions, institutions, and communities to take coordinated action. The response, whether from social workers, clergy, school counselors, or therapists, needs to be built, however, on a deep understanding of the drivers and mechanisms affecting individuals who are vulnerable to embracing violent extremist ideology, as well as grounded in the use of effective tools, and proven approaches and methodologies to help individuals leave hate and violence behind.

Quick facts


The inaugural training ran from May 19 to September 25, 2023, and consisted of both in-person and online, synchronous and asynchronous components, with 10.5 days of full-time, in-person training as well as ten 2-hour online live training sessions (for a total of 104 “in-class” training hours).


The three in-person training modules took place from Friday to Monday. Location of in-person training days was in Pittsburgh, PA.


The training, all course materials, meals, and accommodation (if needed) were offered free of cost to a limited number of trainees. Additionally, both needs- and merit-based scholarships/sponsorships were made available to compensate trainees (and/or their employers) for time spent in training.


9 trainees were accepted to participate in the RESTORE training.


The training program was developed and is conducted by Violence Prevention Network’s experienced specialist practitioners in the prevention of violent extremism with decades of combined experience working with ideologically motivated individuals. The training will also include guest lecturers, expert videos, and relevant readings that draw on the latest research findings.